manvantaresu manavas
tad-vamsya rsayah surah
bhavanti caiva yugapat
suresas canu ye ca tan
manu-antaresu—after the dissolution of each and every Manu; manavah—other Manus; tat-vamsyah—and their descendants; rsayah—the seven famous sages; surah—devotees of the Lord; bhavanti—flourish; ca eva—also all of them; yugapat—simultaneously; sura-isah—demigods like Indra; ca—and; anu—followers; ye—all; ca—also; tan—them.
After the dissolution of each and every Manu, the next Manu comes in order, along with his descendants, who rule over the different planets; but the seven famous sages, and demigods like Indra and their followers, such as the Gandharvas, all appear simultaneously with Manu.
There are fourteen Manus in one day of Brahma, and each of them has different descendants.

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