nisavasana arabdho
loka-kalpo ’nuvartate
yavad dinam bhagavato
manun bhunjams catur-dasa
nisa—night; avasane—termination; arabdhah—beginning from; loka-kalpah—further creation of the three worlds; anuvartate—follows; yavat—until; dinam—the daytime; bhagavatah—of the lord (Brahma); manun—the Manus; bhunjan—existing through; catuh-dasa—fourteen.
After the end of Brahma’s night, the creation of the three worlds begins again in the daytime of Brahma, and they continue to exist through the life durations of fourteen consecutive Manus, or fathers of mankind.
At the end of the life of each Manu there are shorter dissolutions also.

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