paramanv-adina jagat
paryety animiso vibhuh
grahainfluential planets like the moon; rksaluminaries like Asvini; tarastars; cakra-sthahin the orbit; parama-anu-adinaalong with the atoms; jagatthe entire universe; samvatsara-avasanenaby the end of one year; paryeticompletes its orbit; animisahthe eternal time; vibhuhthe Almighty.
Influential stars, planets, luminaries and atoms all over the universe are rotating in their respective orbits under the direction of the Supreme, represented by eternal kala.
In the Brahma-samhita it is stated that the sun is the eye of the Supreme and it rotates in its particular orbit of time. Similarly, beginning from the sun down to the atom, all bodies are under the influence of the kala-cakra, or the orbit of eternal time, and each of them has a scheduled orbital time of one samvatsara.

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