kaccid yasodha ratha-yuthapanam
gandiva-dhanvoparatarir aste
alaksito yac-chara-kuta-gudho
maya-kirato girisas tutosa
kaccit—whether; yasah-dha—famous; ratha-yuthapanam—amongst the great chariot warriors; gandivaGandiva; dhanva—bow; uparata-arih—one who has vanquished the enemies; aste—doing well; alaksitah—without being identified; yat—whose; sara-kuta-gudhah—being covered by arrows; maya-kiratah—false hunter; girisah—Lord Siva; tutosa—was satisfied.
[Please tell me] whether Arjuna, whose bow bears the name Gandiva and who is always famous amongst the chariot warriors for vanquishing his enemies, is doing well. He once satisfied Lord Siva by covering him with arrows when Siva came as an unidentified false hunter.
Lord Siva tested Arjuna’s strength by picking a quarrel with him over a hunted boar. He confronted Arjuna in the false dress of a hunter, and Arjuna covered him with arrows until Lord Siva was satisfied with Arjuna’s fighting. He offered Arjuna the Pasupati weapon and blessed him. Here Vidura inquired about the great warrior’s well-being.

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