kaccit puranau purusau svanabhya-
padmanuvrttyeha kilavatirnau
asata urvyah kusalam vidhaya
krta-ksanau kusalam sura-gehe
kaccitwhether; puranauthe original; purusauPersonalities of Godhead (Krsna and Balarama); svanabhyaBrahma; padma-anuvrttyaby the request of the one who is born from the lotus; ihahere; kilacertainly; avatirnauincarnated; asateare; urvyahin the world; kusalamwell-being; vidhayafor doing so; krta-ksanauthe elevators of everyones prosperity; kusalamall well; sura-gehein the house of Surasena.
[Please tell me] whether the original Personalities of Godhead, who incarnated Themselves at the request of Brahma [who is born out of the lotus flower from the Lord] and who have increased the prosperity of the world by elevating everyone, are doing well in the house of Surasena.
Lord Krsna and Balarama are not two different Personalities of Godhead. God is one without a second, but He expands Himself in many forms without their being separate from one another. They are all plenary expansions. The immediate expansion of Lord Krsna is Baladeva, and Brahma, born from the lotus flower from Garbhodakasayi Visnu, is an expansion of Baladeva. This indicates that Krsna and Baladeva are not subjected to the regulations of the universe; on the contrary, the whole universe is under Their subjugation. They appeared at the request of Brahma to liberate the burden of the world, and They relieved the world by many superhuman activities so that everyone became happy and prosperous. Without the grace of the Lord, no one can become happy and prosperous. Because the happiness of the family of the Lords devotees depends on the happiness of the Lord, Vidura first of all inquired about the well-being of the Lord.

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