tat karma divyam iva yan nisi nihsayanam
davagnina suci-vane paridahyamane
unnesyati vrajam ato 'vasitanta-kalam
netre pidhapya sabalo 'nadhigamya-viryah
tatthat; karmaactivity; divyamsuperhuman; ivalike; yatwhich; nisiat night; nihsayanamsleeping carefreely; dava-agninaby the glare of the forest fire; suci-vanein the dry forest; paridahyamanebeing set ablaze; unnesyatiwould deliver; vrajamall the inhabitants of Vraja; atahhence; avasitasurely; anta-kalamlast moments of life; netreon the eyes; pidhapyasimply by closing; sa-balahalong with Baladeva; anadhigamyaunfathomable; viryahprowess.
On the very night of the day of the chastisement of the Kaliya snake, when the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi were sleeping carefreely, there was a forest fire ablaze due to dry leaves, and it appeared that all the inhabitants were sure to meet their death. But the Lord, along with Balarama, saved them simply by closing His eyes. Such are the superhuman activities of the Lord.
Although in this verse the Lord's activity has been described as superhuman, it should be noted that the Lord's activities are always superhuman, and that distinguishes Him from the ordinary living being. Uprooting a gigantic banyan or arjuna tree and extinguishing a blazing forest fire simply by closing one's eyes are certainly impossible by any kind of human endeavor. But not only are these activities amazing to hear, but in fact all other activities of the Lord, whatever He may do, are all superhuman, as confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita (4.9). Whoever knows the superhuman activities of the Lord, due to their very transcendental nature, becomes eligible to enter the kingdom of Krsna, and as such, after quitting this present material body, the knower of the transcendental activities of the Lord goes back home, back to Godhead.

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