samyak karunikasyedam
vatsa te vicikitsitam
yad aham coditah saumya
brahma uvacaLord Brahma said; samyakperfectly; karunikasyaof you, who are very kind; idamthis; vatsamy dear boy; teyour; vicikitsitaminquisitiveness; yatby which; ahammyself; coditahinspired; saumyaO gentle one; bhagavatof the Personality of Godhead; viryaprowess; darsanein the matter of.
Lord Brahma said: My dear boy Narada, being merciful to all (including me) you have asked all these questions because I have been inspired to see into the prowess of the Almighty Personality of Godhead.
Brahmaji, being so questioned by Naradaji, congratulated him, for it is usual for the devotees to become very enthusiastic whenever they are questioned concerning the Almighty Personality of Godhead. That is the sign of a pure devotee of the Lord. Such discourses on the transcendental activities of the Lord purify the atmosphere in which such discussions are held, and the devotees thus become enlivened while answering such questions. It is purifying both for the questioners and for one who answers the questions. The pure devotees are not only satisfied by knowing everything about the Lord, but are also eager to broadcast the information to others, for they want to see that the glories of the Lord are known to everyone. Thus the devotee feels satisfied when such an opportunity is offered to him. This is the basic principle of missionary activities.

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