etan me prcchatah sarvam
sarva-jna sakalesvara
vijanihi yathaivedam
aham budhye 'nusasitah
etat—all those; me—unto me; prcchatah—inquisitive; sarvam—all that is inquired; sarva-jna—one who knows everything; sakala—over all; isvara—the controller; vijanihi—kindly explain; yatha—as; eva—they are; idam—this; aham—myself; budhye—can understand; anusasitah—just learning from you.
My dear father, you know everything, and you are the controller of all. Therefore may all that I have inquired from you be kindly instructed to me so that I may be able to understand it as your student.
The inquiries made by Narada Muni are very important for everyone concerned, and as such Narada requested Brahmaji to deem them suitable so that all others who may come in the line of disciplic succession of the Brahma-sampradaya may also know them properly without any difficulty.

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