yasyehavayavair lokan
kalpayanti manisinah
katy-adibhir adhah sapta
saptordhvam jaghanadibhih
yasya—whose; iha—in the universe; avayavaih—by the limbs of the body; lokan—all the planets; kalpayanti—imagine; manisinah—great philosophers; kati-adibhih—down from the waist; adhah—downwards; sapta—seven systems; sapta urdhvam—and seven systems upwards; jaghana-adibhih—front portion.
Great philosophers imagine that the complete planetary systems in the universe are displays of the different upper and lower limbs of the universal body of the Lord.
The word kalpayanti, or "imagine," is significant. The virat universal form of the Absolute is an imagination of the speculative philosophers who are unable to adjust to the eternal two-handed form of Lord Sri Krsna. Although the universal form, as imagined by the great philosophers, is one of the features of the Lord, it is more or less imaginary. It is said that the seven upper planetary systems are situated above the waist of the universal form, whereas the lower planetary systems are situated below His waist. The idea impressed herein is that the Supreme Lord is conscious of every part of His body, and nowhere in the creation is there anything beyond His control.

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