anuprananti yam pranah
pranantam sarva-jantusu
apanantam apananti
nara-devam ivanugah
anuprananti—follow the living symptoms; yam—whom; pranah—senses; pranantam—endeavoring; sarva-jantusu—in all living entities; apanantam—stop endeavoring; apananti—all others stop; nara-devam—a king; iva—like; anugah—the followers.
As the followers of a king follow their lord, similarly when the total energy is in motion, all other living entities move, and when the total energy stops endeavoring, all other living entities stop sensual activities.
The individual living entities are completely dependent on the total energy of the supreme purusa. No one has independent existence, just as no electric lamp has independent effulgence. Each and every electrical instrument depends fully on the total powerhouse, the total powerhouse depends on the reservoir of water for generating electricity, water depends on the clouds, the clouds depend on the sun, the sun depends on creation, and the creation depends on the movement of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Thus the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the cause of all causes.

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