ulukhalanghrer upari vyavasthitam
markaya kamam dadatam sici sthitam
haiyangavam caurya-visankiteksanam
niriksya pascat sutam agamac chanaih
ulukhala-anghreh—of the mortar in which spices were ground and which was being kept upside down; upari—on top; vyavasthitamKrsna was sitting; markaya—unto a monkey; kamam—according to His satisfaction; dadatam—delivering shares; sici sthitam—situated in the butter pot hanging on the swing; haiyangavam—butter and other milk preparations; caurya-visankita—because of stealing, were anxiously looking hither and thither; iksanam—whose eyes; niriksya—by seeing these activities; pascat—from behind; sutam—her son; agamat—she reached; sanaih—very slowly, cautiously.
Krsna, at that time, was sitting on an upside-down wooden mortar for grinding spices and was distributing milk preparations such as yogurt and butter to the monkeys as He liked. Because of having stolen, He was looking all around with great anxiety, suspecting that He might be chastised by His mother. Mother Yasoda, upon seeing Him, very cautiously approached Him from behind.
Mother Yasoda was able to trace Krsna by following His butter-smeared footprints. She saw that Krsna was stealing butter, and thus she smiled. Meanwhile, the crows also entered the room and came out in fear. Thus mother Yasoda found Krsna stealing butter and very anxiously looking here and there.

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