anvancamana janani brhac-calac-
chroni-bharakranta-gatih sumadhyama
javena visramsita-kesa-bandhana-
cyuta-prasunanugatih paramrsat
anvancamanafollowing Krsna very swiftly; jananimother Yasoda; brhat-calat-sroni-bhara-akranta-gatihbeing overburdened by the weight of her large breasts, she became tired and had to reduce her speed; su-madhyamabecause of her thin waist; javenabecause of going very fast; visramsita-kesa-bandhanafrom her arrangement of hair, which had become loosened; cyuta-prasuna-anugatihshe was followed by the flowers falling after her; paramrsatfinally captured Krsna without fail.
While following Krsna, mother Yasoda, her thin waist overburdened by her heavy breasts, naturally had to reduce her speed. Because of following Krsna very swiftly, her hair became loose, and the flowers in her hair were falling after her. Yet she did not fail to capture her son Krsna.
Yogis cannot capture Krsna by severe penances and austerities, but mother Yasoda, despite all obstacles, was finally able to catch Krsna without difficulty. This is the difference between a yogi and a bhakta. Yogis cannot enter even the effulgence of Krsna. Yasya prabha prabhavato jagad-anda-koti-kotisu (Brahma-samhita 5.40). In that effulgence there are millions of universes, but yogis and jnanis cannot enter that effulgence even after many, many years of austerities, whereas bhaktas can capture Krsna simply by love and affection. This is the example shown here by mother Yasoda. Krsna therefore confirms that if one wants to capture Him, one must undertake devotional service.
Bhaktas enter even the planet of Krsna very easily, but the less intelligent yogis and jnanis, by their meditation, remain running after Krsna. Even if they enter Krsnas effulgence, they fall down.

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