ekada kridamanas te
ramadya gopa-darakah
krsno mrdam bhaksitavan
iti matre nyavedayan
ekadaonce upon a time; kridamanahnow Krsna, being still more grown up, was playing with other children of the same age; tethey; rama-adyahBalarama and others; gopa-darakahother boys born in the same neighborhood of the cowherd men; krsnah mrdam bhaksitavanO Mother, Krsna has eaten earth (a complaint was lodged); itithus; matreunto mother Yasoda; nyavedayanthey submitted.
One day while Krsna was playing with His small playmates, including Balarama and other sons of the gopas, all His friends came together and lodged a complaint to mother Yasoda. Mother, they submitted, Krsna has eaten earth.
Here is another of Krsnas transcendental activities invented to please the gopis. First a complaint was lodged with mother Yasoda about Krsnas stealing, but mother Yasoda did not chastise Him. Now, in an attempt to awaken mother Yasodas anger so that she would chastise Krsna, another complaint was inventedthat Krsna had eaten earth.

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