krsnasya gopyo ruciram
viksya kaumara-capalam
srnvantyah kila tan-matur
iti hocuh samagatah
krsnasya—of Krsna; gopyah—all the gopis; ruciram—very attractive; viksya—observing; kaumara-capalam—the restlessness of the childish pastimes; srnvantyah—just to hear them again and again; kila—indeed; tat-matuh—in the presence of His mother; iti—thus; ha—indeed; ucuh—said; samagatah—assembled there.
Observing the very attractive childish restlessness of Krsna, all the gopis in the neighborhood, to hear about Krsnas activities again and again, would approach mother Yasoda and speak to her as follows.
Krsnas activities are always very attractive to devotees. Therefore the neighbors, who were friends of mother Yasoda, informed mother Yasoda of whatever they saw Krsna doing in the neighborhood. Mother Yasoda, just to hear about the activities of her son, stopped her household duties and enjoyed the information given by the neighborhood friends.

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