kalenalpena rajarse
ramah krsnas ca gokule
aghrsta-janubhih padbhir
vicakramatur anjasa
kalena alpenawithin a very short time; rajarseO King (Maharaja Pariksit); ramah krsnah caboth Rama and Krsna; gokulein the village of Gokula; aghrsta-janubhihwithout the help of crawling on Their knees; padbhihby Their legs alone; vicakramatuhbegan to walk; anjasavery easily.
O King Pariksit, within a very short time both Rama and Krsna began to walk very easily in Gokula on Their legs, by Their own strength, without the need to crawl.
Instead of crawling with Their knees, the babies could now stand up by holding on to something and walk little by little, without difficulty, by the strength of Their legs.

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