yarhy angana-darsaniya-kumara-lilav
antar-vraje tad abalah pragrhita-pucchaih
vatsair itas tata ubhav anukrsyamanau
preksantya ujjhita-grha jahrsur hasantyah
yarhi—when; angana-darsaniya—visible only to the ladies within the house; kumara-lilau—the pastimes Sri Krsna and Balarama exhibited as children; antah-vraje—within the inside of Vraja, in the house of Nanda Maharaja; tat—at that time; abalah—all the ladies; pragrhita-pucchaih—the ends of their tails having been caught by Krsna and Balarama; vatsaih—by the calves; itah tatah—here and there; ubhau—both Krsna and Balarama; anukrsyamanau—being dragged; preksantyah—seeing such things; ujjhita—given up; grhah—their household affairs; jahrsuh—enjoyed very much; hasantyah—while laughing.
Within the house of Nanda Maharaja, the cowherd ladies would enjoy seeing the pastimes of the babies Rama and Krsna. The babies would catch the ends of the calves’ tails, and the calves would drag Them here and there. When the ladies saw these pastimes, they certainly stopped their household activities and laughed and enjoyed the incidents.
While crawling in curiosity, Krsna and Balarama would sometimes catch the ends of the tails of calves. The calves, feeling that someone had caught them, would begin to flee here and there, and the babies would hold on very tightly, being afraid of how the calves were moving. The calves, seeing that the babies were holding them tightly, would also become afraid. Then the ladies would come to rescue the babies and gladly laugh. This was their enjoyment.

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