esa vah sreya adhasyad
anena sarva-durgani
yuyam anjas tarisyatha
esah—this child; vah—for all of you people; sreyah—the most auspicious; adhasyat—will act all-auspiciously; gopa-gokula-nandanah—just like a cowherd boy, born in a family of cowherd men as the son of the estate of Gokula; anena—by Him; sarva-durgani—all kinds of miserable conditions; yuyam—all of you; anjah—easily; tarisyatha—will overcome.
To increase the transcendental bliss of the cowherd men of Gokula, this child will always act auspiciously for you. And by His grace only, you will surpass all difficulties.
For the cowherd men and the cows, Krsna is the supreme friend. Therefore He is worshiped by the prayer namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana-hitaya ca. His pastimes in Gokula, His dhama, are always favorable to the brahmanas and the cows. His first business is to give all comfort to the cows and the brahmanas. In fact, comfort for the brahmanas is secondary, and comfort for the cows is His first concern. Because of His presence, all people would overcome all difficulties and always be situated in transcendental bliss.

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