TEXTS 35–36
pita-prayasya janani
sutasya rucira-smitam
mukham lalayati rajan
jrmbhato dadrse idam
kham rodasi jyotir-anikam asah
suryendu-vahni-svasanambudhims ca
dvipan nagams tad-duhitrr vanani
bhutani yani sthira-jangamani
pita-prayasya—of child Krsna, who was being offered breast milk and was almost satisfied; janani—mother Yasoda; sutasya—of her son; rucira-smitam—seeing the child fully satisfied and smiling; mukham—the face; lalayati—patting and softly rubbing with her hand; rajan—O King; jrmbhatah—while the child was yawning; dadrse—she saw; idam—the following; kham—the sky; rodasi—both the higher planetary system and the earth; jyotih-anikam—the luminaries; asah—the directions; surya—the sun; indu—the moon; vahni—fire; svasana—the air; ambudhin—the seas; ca—and; dvipan—the islands; nagan—the mountains; tat-duhitrh—the daughters of the mountains (the rivers); vanani—forests; bhutani—all kinds of living entities; yani—which are; sthira-jangamani—nonmoving and moving.
O King Pariksit, when the child Krsna was almost finished drinking His mother’s milk and mother Yasoda was touching Him and looking at His beautiful, brilliantly smiling face, the baby yawned, and mother Yasoda saw in His mouth the whole sky, the higher planetary system and the earth, the luminaries in all directions, the sun, the moon, fire, air, the seas, islands, mountains, rivers, forests, and all kinds of living entities, moving and nonmoving.
By the arrangement of yogamaya, Krsna’s pastimes with mother Yasoda were all regarded as ordinary. So here was an opportunity for Krsna to show His mother that the whole universe is situated within Him. In His small form, Krsna was kind enough to show His mother the virat-rupa, the universal form, so that she could enjoy seeing what kind of child she had on her lap. The rivers have been mentioned here as the daughters of the mountains (nagams tad-duhitrh). It is the flowing of the rivers that makes big forests possible. There are living entities everywhere, some of them moving and some of them not moving. No place is vacant. This is a special feature of God’s creation.

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