ruditam anunisamya tatra gopyo
bhrsam anutapta-dhiyo ’sru-purna-mukhyah
rurudur anupalabhya nanda-sunum
pavana uparata-pamsu-varsa-vege
ruditam—mother Yasoda, crying pitifully; anunisamya—after hearing; tatra—there; gopyah—the other ladies, the gopis; bhrsam—highly; anutapta—lamenting sympathetically after mother Yasoda; dhiyah—with such feelings; asru-purna-mukhyah—and the other gopis, their faces full of tears; ruruduh—they were crying; anupalabhya—without finding; nanda-sunum—the son of Nanda Maharaja, Krsna; pavane—when the whirlwind; uparata—had ceased; pamsu-varsa-vege—its force of showering dust.
When the force of the dust storm and the winds subsided, Yasoda’s friends, the other gopis, approached mother Yasoda, hearing her pitiful crying. Not seeing Krsna present, they too felt very much aggrieved and joined mother Yasoda in crying, their eyes full of tears.
This attachment of the gopis to Krsna is wonderful and transcendental. The center of all the activities of the gopis was Krsna. When Krsna was there they were happy, and when Krsna was not there, they were unhappy. Thus when mother Yasoda was lamenting Krsna’s absence, the other ladies also began to cry.

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