gopyas cakarnya mudita
yasodayah sutodbhavam
atmanam bhusayam cakrur
gopyah—the feminine community, the wives of the cowherd men; ca—also; akarnya—after hearing; muditah—became very glad; yasodayah—of mother Yasoda; suta-udbhavam—the birth of a male child; atmanam—personally; bhusayam cakruh—dressed very nicely to attend the festival; vastra-akalpa-anjana-adibhih—with proper dress, ornaments, black ointment, and so on.
The gopi wives of the cowherd men were very pleased to hear that mother Yasoda had given birth to a son, and they began to decorate themselves very nicely with proper dresses, ornaments, black ointment for the eyes, and so on.

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