gopah samayayu rajan
maha-arhaextremely valuable; vastra-abharanawith garments and ornaments; kancukaby a particular type of garment used in Vrndavana; usnisawith turbans; bhusitahbeing nicely dressed; gopahall the cowherd men; samayayuhcame there; rajanO King (Maharaja Pariksit); nanavarious; upayanapresentations; panayahholding in their hands.
O King Pariksit, the cowherd men dressed very opulently with valuable ornaments and garments such as coats and turbans. Decorated in this way and carrying various presentations in their hands, they approached the house of Nanda Maharaja.
When we consider the past condition of the agriculturalist in the village, we can see how opulent he was, simply because of agricultural produce and protection of cows. At the present, however, agriculture having been neglected and cow protection given up, the agriculturalist is suffering pitiably and is dressed in a niggardly torn cloth. This is the distinction between the India of history and the India of the present day. By the atrocious activities of ugra-karma, how we are killing the opportunity of human civilization!

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