naikatra priya-samvasah
suhrdam citra-karmanam
oghena vyuhyamananam
plavanam srotaso yatha
nanot; ekatrain one place; priya-samvasahliving together with dear friends and relatives; suhrdamof friends; citra-karmanamof all of us who have had varieties of reactions to our past karma; oghenaby the force; vyuhyamananamcarried away; plavanamof sticks and other objects floating in the water; srotasahof the waves; yathaas.
Many planks and sticks, unable to stay together, are carried away by the force of a rivers waves. Similarly, although we are intimately related with friends and family members, we are unable to stay together because of our varied past deeds and the waves of time.
Vasudeva was lamenting because he and Nanda Maharaja could not live together. Yet how could they live together? Vasudeva warns that all of us, even if intimately related, are carried away by the waves of time according to the results of past karma.

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