gate mayi yuvam labdhva
varam mat-sadrsam sutam
gramyan bhogan abhunjatham
yuvam prapta-manorathau
gate mayiafter My departure; yuvamboth of you (husband and wife); labdhvaafter receiving; varamthe benediction of (having a son); mat-sadrsamexactly like Me; sutama son; gramyan bhoganengagement in sex; abhunjathamenjoyed; yuvamboth of you; praptahaving been achieved; manorathauthe desired result of your aspirations.
After you received that benediction and I disappeared, you engaged yourselves in sex to have a son like Me, and I fulfilled your desire.
According to the Sanskrit dictionary Amara-kosa, sex life is also called gramya-dharma, material desire, but in spiritual life this gramya-dharma, the material desire for sex, is not very much appreciated. If one has a tinge of attachment for the material enjoyments of eating, sleeping, mating and defending, one is not niskincana. But one really should be niskincana. Therefore, one should be free from the desire to beget a child like Krsna by sexual enjoyment. This is indirectly hinted at in this verse.

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