rajanya-vipra-vibudhesu krtavatarah
tvam pasi nas tri-bhuvanam ca yathadhunesa
bharam bhuvo hara yaduttama vandanam te
matsya—the fish incarnation; asva—the horse incarnation; kacchapa—the tortoise incarnation; nrsimha—the Narasimha incarnation; varaha—the Varaha incarnation; hamsa—the swan incarnation; rajanya—incarnations as Lord Ramacandra and other ksatriyas; vipra—incarnations as brahmanas like Vamanadeva; vibudhesu—among the demigods; krta-avatarah—appeared as incarnations; tvam—Your Lordship; pasi—please save; nah—us; tri-bhuvanam ca—and the three worlds; yatha—as well as; adhuna—now; isa—O Supreme Lord; bharam—burden; bhuvah—of the earth; hara—please diminish; yadu-uttama—O Lord Krsna, best of the Yadus; vandanam te—we offer our prayers unto You.
O supreme controller, Your Lordship previously accepted incarnations as a fish, a horse, a tortoise, Narasimhadeva, a boar, a swan, Lord Ramacandra, Parasurama and, among the demigods, Vamanadeva, to protect the entire world by Your mercy. Now please protect us again by Your mercy by diminishing the disturbances in this world. O Krsna, best of the Yadus, we respectfully offer our obeisances unto You.
In every incarnation, the Supreme Personality of Godhead has a particular mission to execute, and this was true in His appearance as the son of Devaki in the family of the Yadus. Thus all the demigods offered their prayers to the Lord, bowing down before Him, and requested the Lord to do the needful. We cannot order the Supreme Personality of Godhead to do anything for us. We can simply offer Him our obeisances, as advised in Bhagavad-gita (man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskuru [Bg. 18.65]), and pray to Him for annihilation of dangers.

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