distya hare sya bhavatah pado bhuvo
bharo panitas tava janmanesituh
distyankitam tvat-padakaih susobhanair
draksyama gam dyam ca tavanukampitam
distyaby fortune; hareO Lord; asyahof this (world); bhavatahof Your Lordship; padahof the place; bhuvahon this earth; bharahthe burden created by the demons; apanitahnow removed; tavaof Your Lordship; janmanaby appearance as an incarnation; isituhYou, the controller of everything; distyaand by fortune; ankitammarked; tvat-padakaihby Your lotus feet; su-sobhanaihwhich are transcendentally decorated with the marks of conchshell, disc, lotus and club; draksyamawe shall surely observe; gamupon this earth; dyam cain heaven also; tava anukampitamdue to Your causeless mercy upon us.
O Lord, we are fortunate because the heavy burden of the demons upon this earth is immediately removed by Your appearance. Indeed, we are certainly fortunate, for we shall be able to see upon this earth and in the heavenly planets the marks of lotus, conchshell, club and disc that adorn Your lotus feet.
The soles of the Lords lotus feet are marked with sankha-cakra-gada-padmaconchshell, disc, club and lotusand also by a flag and a thunderbolt. When Krsna walks on this earth or in the heavenly planets, these marks are visible wherever He goes. Vrndavana-dhama is a transcendental place because of Krsnas walking on this land frequently. The inhabitants of Vrndavana were fortunate to see these marks here and there. When Akrura went to Vrndavana to take Krsna and Balarama away to the festival arranged by Kamsa, upon seeing the marks of the Lords lotus feet on the ground of Vrndavana, he fell down and began to groan. These marks are visible to devotees who receive the causeless mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead (tavanukampitam). The demigods were jubilant not only because the appearance of the Supreme Lord would do away with the burdensome demons, but also because they would be able to see upon the ground the transcendental marks from the soles of the Lords lotus feet. The gopis always thought of the Lords lotus feet when He was walking in the pasturing grounds, and, as described in the previous verse, simply by thinking of the Lords lotus feet, the gopis were fully absorbed in transcendence (avista-ceta na bhavaya kalpate). Like the gopis, one who is always absorbed in thought of the Lord is beyond the material platform and will not remain in this material world. It is our duty, therefore, always to hear, chant and think about the Lords lotus feet, as actually done by Vaisnavas who have decided to live in Vrndavana always and think of the Lords lotus feet twenty-four hours a day.

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