evam etesu bhedesu
ciram dhyatva sa atma-bhuh
satyah ke katare neti
jnatum neste kathancana
evamin this way; etesu bhedesubetween these boys, who were existing separately; ciramfor a long time; dhyatvaafter thinking; sahhe; atma-bhuhLord Brahma; satyahreal; kewho; katarewho; naare not; itithus; jnatumto understand; nanot; istewas able; kathancanain any way at all.
Thus Lord Brahma, thinking and thinking for a long time, tried to distinguish between those two sets of boys, who were each separately existing. He tried to understand who was real and who was not real, but he couldn't understand at all.
Brahma was puzzled. The original boys and calves are still sleeping as I have kept them, he thought, but another set is here playing with Krsna. How has this happened? Brahma could not grasp what was happening. Which boys were real, and which were not real? Brahma was unable to come to any definite conclusion. He pondered the matter for a long while. How can there be two sets of calves and boys at the same time? Have the boys and calves here been created by Krsna, or has Krsna created the ones lying asleep? Or are both merely creations of Krsna? Brahma thought about the subject in many different ways. After I go to the cave and see that the boys and calves are still there, does Krsna go take them away and put them here so that I come here and see them, and does Krsna then take them from here and put them there? Brahma could not figure out how there could be two sets of calves and cowherd boys exactly alike. Although thinking and thinking, he could not understand at all.

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