ita ete ’tra kutratya
tavanta eva tatrabdam
kridanto visnuna samam
itah—for this reason; ete—these boys with their calves; atra—here; kutratyah—where have they come from; mat-maya-mohita-itare—different from those who were mystified by my illusory potency; tavantah—the same number of boys; eva—indeed; tatra—there; a-abdam—for one year; kridantah—are playing; visnuna samam—along with Krsna.
A similar number of boys and calves have been playing with Krsna for one whole year, yet they are different from the ones illusioned by my mystic potency. Who are they? Where did they come from?
Although appearing like calves, cows and cowherd boys, these were all Visnu. Actually they were visnu-tattva, not jiva-tattva. Brahma was surprised. “The original cowherd boys and cows,” he thought, “are still where I put them last year. So who is it that is now keeping company with Krsna exactly as before? Where have they come from?” Brahma was surprised that his mystic power had been neglected. Without touching the original cows and cowherd boys kept by Brahma, Krsna had created another assembly of calves and boys, who were all expansions of visnu-tattva. Thus Brahma’s mystic power was superseded.

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