drstvatha tat-sneha-vaso ’smrtatma
sa go-vrajo ’tyatmapa-durga-margah
dvi-pat kakud-griva udasya-puccho
’gad dhunkrtair asru-paya javena
drstva—when the cows saw their calves below; atha—thereafter; tat-sneha-vasah—because of increased love for the calves; asmrta-atma—as if they had forgotten themselves; sah—that; go-vrajah—herd of cows; ati-atma-pa-durga-margah—escaping their caretakers because of increased affection for the calves, although the way was very rough and hard; dvi-pat—pairs of legs together; kakut-grivah—their humps moving with their necks; udasya-pucchah—raising their heads and tails; agat—came; hunkrtaih—lowing very loudly; asru-payah—with milk flowing from the nipples; javena—very forcibly.
When the cows saw their own calves from the top of Govardhana Hill, they forgot themselves and their caretakers because of increased affection, and although the path was very rough, they ran toward their calves with great anxiety, each running as if with one pair of legs. Their milk bags full and flowing with milk, their heads and tails raised, and their humps moving with their necks, they ran forcefully until they reached their calves to feed them.
Generally the calves and cows are pastured separately. The elderly men take care of the cows, and the small children see to the calves. This time, however, the cows immediately forgot their position as soon as they saw the calves below Govardhana Hill, and they ran with great force, their tails erect and their front and hind legs joined, until they reached their calves.

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