svayam atmatma-govatsan
kridann atma-viharais ca
sarvatma pravisad vrajam
svayam atmaKrsna, who is personally the Supreme Soul, the Supersoul; atma-go-vatsan—now expanded into calves that were also He Himself; prativarya atma-vatsapaih—again He Himself was represented as the cowherd boys controlling and commanding the calves; kridan—thus Himself constituting everything in these transcendental pastimes; atma-viharaih ca—enjoying Himself by Himself in different ways; sarva-atma—the Supersoul, Krsna; pravisat—entered; vrajam—Vrajabhumi, the land of Maharaja Nanda and Yasoda.
Now expanding Himself so as to appear as all the calves and cowherd boys, all of them as they were, and at the same time appear as their leader, Krsna entered Vrajabhumi, the land of His father, Nanda Maharaja, just as He usually did while enjoying their company.
Krsna usually stayed in the forest and pasturing ground, taking care of the calves and cows with His associates the cowherd boys. Now that the original group had been taken away by Brahma, Krsna Himself assumed the forms of every member of the group, without anyone’s knowledge, even the knowledge of Baladeva, and continued the usual program. He was ordering His friends to do this and that, and He was controlling the calves and going into the forest to search for them when they went astray, allured by new grass, but these calves and boys were He Himself. This was Krsna’s inconceivable potency. As explained by Srila Jiva Gosvami, radha krsna-pranaya-vikrtir hladini saktir asmat. Radha and Krsna are the same. Krsna, by expanding His pleasure potency, becomes Radharani. The same pleasure potency (ananda-cinmaya-rasa) was expanded by Krsna when He Himself became all the calves and boys and enjoyed transcendental bliss in Vrajabhumi. This was done by the yogamaya potency and was inconceivable to persons under the potency of mahamaya.

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