This chapter describes Lord Brahmas attempt to take away the calves and cowherd boys, and it also describes the bewilderment of Lord Brahma and finally the clearance of his illusion.
Although the incident concerning Aghasura had been performed one year before, when the cowherd boys were five years old, when they were six years old they said, It happened today. What happened was this. After killing Aghasura, Krsna, along with His associates the cowherd boys, went for a picnic within the forest. The calves, being allured by green grasses, gradually went far away, and therefore Krsnas associates became a little agitated and wanted to bring back the calves. Krsna, however, encouraged the boys by saying, You take your tiffin without being agitated. I shall go find the calves. And thus the Lord departed. Then, just to examine the potency of Krsna, Lord Brahma took away all the calves and cowherd boys and kept them in a secluded place.
When Krsna was unable to find the calves and boys, He could understand that this was a trick performed by Brahma. Then the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the cause of all causes, in order to please Lord Brahma, as well as His own associates and their mothers, expanded Himself to become the calves and boys, exactly as they were before. In this way, He discovered another pastime. A special feature of this pastime was that the mothers of the cowherd boys thus became more attached to their respective sons, and the cows became more attached to their calves. After nearly a year, Baladeva observed that all the cowherd boys and calves were expansions of Krsna. Thus He inquired from Krsna and was informed of what had happened.
When one full year had passed, Brahma returned and saw that Krsna was still engaged as usual with His friends and the calves and cows. Then Krsna exhibited all the calves and cowherd boys as four-armed forms of Narayana. Brahma could then understand Krsnas potency, and he was astonished by the pastimes of Krsna, his worshipable Lord. Krsna, however, bestowed His causeless mercy upon Brahma and released him from illusion. Thus Brahma began to offer prayers to glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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