tad bruhi me maha-yogin
param kautuhalam guro
nunam etad dharer eva
maya bhavati nanyatha
tat bruhitherefore please explain that; meunto me; maha-yoginO great yogi; paramvery much; kautuhalamcuriosity; guroO my lord, my spiritual master; nunamotherwise; etatthis incident; harehof the Supreme Personality of Godhead; evaindeed; mayathe illusion; bhavatibecomes; na anyathanothing more.
O greatest yogi, my spiritual master, kindly describe why this happened. I am very much curious to know about it. I think that it was nothing but another illusion due to Krsna.
Krsna has many potencies: parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate (Svetasvatara Upanisad 6.8). The description of Aghasura was disclosed after one year. Some act of Krsnas potency must have been involved. Therefore Maharaja Pariksit was very curious to know about this, and he requested Sukadeva Gosvami to explain it.

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