bibharti kvacid ajnaptah
bahu-ksepam ca kurute
svanam ca pritim avahan
bibhartiKrsna would simply stand and touch articles as if unable to raise them; kvacit—sometimes; ajnaptah—being ordered; pithaka-unmana—the wooden seat and wooden measuring pot; padukam—bringing the wooden shoes; bahu-ksepam ca—striking the arms on the body; kurute—does; svanam ca—of His own relatives, the gopis and other intimate friends; pritim—the pleasure; avahan—inviting.
Sometimes mother Yasoda and her gopi friends would tell Krsna, “Bring this article” or “Bring that article.” Sometimes they would order Him to bring a wooden plank, wooden shoes or a wooden measuring pot, and Krsna, when thus ordered by the mothers, would try to bring them. Sometimes, however, as if unable to raise these things, He would touch them and stand there. Just to invite the pleasure of His relatives, He would strike His body with His arms to show that He had sufficient strength.

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