gopibhih stobhito nrtyad
bhagavan balavat kvacit
udgayati kvacin mugdhas
tad-vaso daru-yantravat
gopibhih—by the gopis (by flattery and offers of prizes); stobhitah—encouraged, induced; anrtyat—the small Krsna danced; bhagavan—although He was the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bala-vat—exactly like a human child; kvacit—sometimes; udgayati—He would sing very loudly; kvacit—sometimes; mugdhah—being amazed; tat-vasah—under their control; daru-yantra-vat—like a wooden doll.
The gopis would say, If You dance, my dear Krsna, then I shall give You half a sweetmeat. By saying these words or by clapping their hands, all the gopis encouraged Krsna in different ways. At such times, although He was the supremely powerful Personality of Godhead, He would smile and dance according to their desire, as if He were a wooden doll in their hands. Sometimes He would sing very loudly, at their bidding. In this way, Krsna came completely under the control of the gopis.

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