saha-langulam acyutah
bhramayitva kapitthagre
prahinod gata-jivitam
sa kapitthair maha-kayah
patyamanaih papata ha
grhitva—capturing; apara-padabhyam—with the hind legs; saha—along with; langulam—the tail; acyutahKrsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhramayitva—twirling around very severely; kapittha-agre—on the top of a kapittha tree; prahinot—threw him; gata-jivitam—lifeless body; sah—that demon; kapitthaih—with the kapittha trees; maha-kayah—assumed a great body; patyamanaih—and while the tree fell down; papata ha—he fell dead on the ground.
Thereafter, Sri Krsna caught the demon by the hind legs and tail, twirled the demonís whole body very strongly until the demon was dead, and threw him into the top of a kapittha tree, which then fell down, along with the body of the demon, who had assumed a great form.
Krsna killed the demon in such a way as to get the kapittha fruits to fall so that He and Balarama and the other boys could take advantage of the opportunity to eat them. The kapittha is sometimes called ksatbelphala. The pulp of this fruit is very palatable. It is sweet and sour, and everyone likes it.

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