bala ucur aneneti
tiryag-gatam ulukhalam
vikarsata madhya-gena
purusav apy acaksmahi
balah—all the other boys; ucuh—said; anena—by Him (Krsna); iti—thus; tiryak—crosswise; gatam—which had become; ulukhalam—the wooden mortar; vikarsata—by Krsna, who was dragging; madhya-gena—going between the two trees; purusau—two beautiful persons; api—also; acaksmahi—we have seen with our own eyes.
Then all the cowherd boys said: It is Krsna who has done this. When He was in between the two trees, the mortar fell crosswise. Krsna dragged the mortar, and the two trees fell down. After that, two beautiful men came out of the trees. We have seen this with our own eyes.
Krsnas playmates wanted to inform Krsnas father of the exact situation by explaining that not only did the trees break, but out of the broken trees came two beautiful men. All these things happened, they said. We have seen them with our own eyes.

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