bhūmyāṁ nipatitau tatra
dadṛśur yamalārjunau
babhramus tad avijñāya
lakṣyaṁ patana-kāraṇam
bhūmyām—on the ground; nipatitau—which had fallen; tatra—there; dadṛśuḥ—all of them saw; yamala-arjunau—the twin arjuna trees; babhramuḥ—they became bewildered; tat—that; avijñāya—but they could not trace out; lakṣyam—although they could directly perceive that the trees had fallen; patana-kāraṇam—the cause of their falling (how could it have happened all of a sudden?).
There they saw the fallen yamala-arjuna trees on the ground, but they were bewildered because even though they could directly perceive that the trees had fallen, they could not trace out the cause for their having done so.
Considering all the circumstances, had this been done by Kṛṣṇa? He was standing on the spot, and His playmates described that this had been done by Him. Had Kṛṣṇa actually done this, or were these merely stories? This was a cause of bewilderment.

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