utthatavyam ito ’smabhir
gokulasya hitaisibhih
ayanty atra mahotpata
balanam nasa-hetavah
utthatavyam—now this place should be left; itah—from here, from Gokula; asmabhih—by all of us; gokulasya—of this place, Gokula; hita-esibhih—by persons who desire good for this place; ayanti—are happening; atra—here; maha-utpatah—many great disturbances; balanam—for the boys like Rama and Krsna; nasa-hetavah—having the definite purpose of killing Them.
He said: My dear friends the cowherd men, in order to do good to this place, Gokula, we should leave it, because so many disturbances are always occurring here, just for the purpose of killing Rama and Krsna.

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