pasya pasya vayasyams te
matr-mrstan svalankrtan
tvam ca snatah krtaharo
viharasva svalankrtah
pasya pasyajust see, just see; vayasyanboys of Your age; teYour; matr-mrstancleansed by their mothers; su-alankrtandecorated with nice ornaments; tvam caYou also; snatahafter taking a bath; krta-aharahand eating Your lunch; viharasvaenjoy with them; su-alankrtahfully decorated like them.
Just see how all Your playmates of Your own age have been cleansed and decorated with beautiful ornaments by their mothers. You should come here, and after You have taken Your bath, eaten Your lunch and been decorated with ornaments, You may play with Your friends again.
Generally young boys are competitive. If one friend has done something, another friend also wants to do something. Therefore mother Yasoda pointed out how Krsnas playmates were decorated, so that Krsna might be induced to decorate Himself like them.

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