sarit-tira-gatam krsnam
bhagnarjunam athahvayat
ramam ca rohini devi
kridantam balakair bhrsam
sarit-tira—to the riverside; gatam—who had gone; krsnam—unto Krsna; bhagna-arjunam—after the pastime of breaking the yamala-arjuna trees; atha—then; ahvayat—called; ramam ca—as well as Balarama; rohini—the mother of Balarama; devi—the goddess of fortune; kridantam—who were engaged in playing; balakaih—with many other boys; bhrsam—with deep attention.
Once, after the uprooting of the yamala-arjuna trees, Rohinidevi went to call Rama and Krsna, who had both gone to the riverside and were playing with the other boys with deep attention.
Mother Yasoda was more attached to Krsna and Balarama than Rohinidevi was, although Rohinidevi was the mother of Balarama. Mother Yasoda sent Rohinidevi to call Rama and Krsna from Their play, since it was the right time for lunch. Therefore Rohinidevi went to call Them, breaking Their engagement in play.

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