sri-vasudeva uvaca
slaghaniya-gunah surair
bhavan bhoja-yasaskarah
sa katham bhaginim hanyat
striyam udvaha-parvani
sri-vasudevah uvacathe great personality Vasudeva said; slaghaniya-gunaha person who possesses praiseworthy qualities; suraihby great heroes; bhavanyour good self; bhoja-yasah-karaha brilliant star in the Bhoja dynasty; sahone such as your good self; kathamhow; bhaginimyour sister; hanyatcan kill; striyamespecially a woman; udvaha-parvaniat the time of the marriage ceremony.
Vasudeva said: My dear brother-in-law Kamsa, you are the pride of your family, the Bhoja dynasty, and great heroes praise your qualities. How could such a qualified person as you kill a woman, your own sister, especially on the occasion of her marriage?
According to Vedic principles, a brahmana, an old man, a woman, a child or a cow cannot be killed under any circumstances. Vasudeva stressed that Devaki was not only a woman but a member of Kamsa s family. Because she was now married to Vasudeva, she was para-stri, another mans wife, and if such a woman were killed, not only would Kamsa be implicated in sinful activities, but his reputation as king of the Bhoja dynasty would be damaged. Thus Vasudeva tried in many ways to convince Kamsa in order to stop him from killing Devaki.

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