naino rajnah praja-bhartur
dharma-yuddhe vadho dvisam
iti me na tu bodhaya
kalpate sasanam vacah
na—never; enah—sins; rajnah—of the king; praja-bhartuh—of one who is engaged in the maintenance of the citizens; dharma—for the right cause; yuddhe—in the fight; vadhah—killing; dvisam—of the enemies; iti—all these; me—for me; na—never; tu—but; bodhaya—for satisfaction; kalpate—they are meant for administration; sasanam—injunction; vacah—words of.
There is no sin for a king who kills for the right cause, who is engaged in maintaining his citizens. But this injunction is not applicable to me.
Maharaja Yudhisthira thought that although he was not actually involved in the administration of the kingdom, which was being carried on well by Duryodhana without harm to the citizens, he caused the killing of so many living beings only for his personal gain of the kingdom from the hands of Duryodhana. The killing was committed not in the course of administration but for the sake of self-aggrandizement, and as such he thought himself responsible for all the sins.

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