suta uvaca
upadharya vacas tasya
bhagavan bhakta-vatsalah
apandavam idam kartum
drauner astram abudhyata
sutah uvacaSuta Gosvami said; upadharya—by hearing her patiently; vacah—words; tasyah—her; bhagavan—the Personality of Godhead; bhakta-vatsalah—He who is very much affectionate towards His devotees; apandavam—without the existence of the Pandavas' descendants; idam—this; kartum—to do it; drauneh—of the son of Dronacarya; astram—weapon; abudhyata—understood.
Suta Gosvami said: Having patiently heard her words, Lord Sri Krsna, who is always very affectionate to His devotees, could at once understand that Asvatthama, the son of Dronacarya, had thrown the brahmastra to finish the last life in the Pandava family.
The Lord is impartial in every respect, but still He is inclined towards His devotees because there is a great necessity of this for everyone's wellbeing. The Pandava family was a family of devotees, and therefore the Lord wanted them to rule the world. That was the reason He vanquished the rule of the company of Duryodhana and established the rule of Maharaja Yudhisthira. Therefore, He also wanted to protect Maharaja Pariksit, who was lying in embryo. He did not like the idea that the world should be without the Pandavas, the ideal family of devotees.

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