saunaka uvaca
nirgate narade suta
bhagavan badarayanah
srutavams tad-abhipretam
tatah kim akarod vibhuh
saunakah—Sri Saunaka; uvaca—said; nirgate—having gone; naradeNarada Muni; suta—O Suta; bhagavan—the transcendentally powerful; badarayanah—Vedavyasa; srutavan—who heard; tat—his; abhipretam—desire of the mind; tatah—thereafter; kim—what; akarot—did he do; vibhuh—the great.
Rsi Saunaka asked: O Suta, the great and transcendentally powerful Vyasadeva heard everything from Sri Narada Muni. So after Narada's departure, what did Vyasadeva do?
In this chapter the clue for describing Srimad-Bhagavatam is picked up as Maharaja Pariksit is miraculously saved in the womb of his mother. This was caused by Drauni (Asvatthama), Acarya Drona's son, who killed the five sons of Draupadi while they were asleep, for which he was punished by Arjuna. Before commencing the great epic Srimad-Bhagavatam, Sri Vyasadeva realized the whole truth by trance in devotion.

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