evam yatantam vijane
mam ahagocaro giram
gambhira-slaksnaya vaca
sucah prasamayann iva
evam—thus; yatantam—one who is engaged in attempting; vijane—in that lonely place; mam—unto me; aha—said; agocarah—beyond the range of physical sound; giram—utterances; gambhira—grave; slaksnaya—pleasing to hear; vaca—words; sucah—grief; prasamayan—mitigating; iva—like.
Seeing my attempts in that lonely place, the Personality of Godhead, who is transcendental to all mundane description, spoke to me with gravity and pleasing words, just to mitigate my grief.
In the Vedas it is said that God is beyond the approach of mundane words and intelligence. And yet by His causeless mercy one can have suitable senses to hear Him or to speak to Him. This is the Lord's inconceivable energy. One upon whom His mercy is bestowed can hear Him. The Lord was much pleased with Narada Muni, and therefore the necessary strength was invested in him so that he could hear the Lord. It is not, however, possible for others to perceive directly the touch of the Lord during the probationary stage of regulative devotional service. It was a special gift for Narada. When he heard the pleasing words of the Lord, the feelings of separation were to some extent mitigated. A devotee in love with God feels always the pangs of separation and is therefore always enwrapped in transcendental ecstasy.

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