suta uvaca
atha tam sukham asina
upasinam brhac-chravah
devarsih praha viprarsim
vina-panih smayann iva
sutahSuta; uvaca—said; atha—therefore; tam—him; sukham asinah—comfortably seated; upasinam—unto one sitting nearby; brhat-sravah—greatly respected; devarsih—the great rsi among the gods; praha—said; viprarsim—unto the rsi among the brahmanas; vina-panih—one who carries a vina in his hand; smayan iva—apparently smiling.
Suta Gosvami said: Thus the sage amongst the gods [Narada], comfortably seated and apparently smiling, addressed the rsi amongst the brahmanas [Vedavyasa].
Narada was smiling because he well knew the great sage Vedavyasa and the cause of his disappointment. As he will explain gradually, Vyasadeva's disappointment was due to insufficiency in presenting the science of devotional service. Narada knew the defect, and it was confirmed by the position of Vyasa.

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