upavarnitam etad vah
punyam pariksitam maya
akhyanam yad aprcchata
upavarnitam—almost everything described; etat—all these; vah—unto you; punyam—pious; pariksitam—about Maharaja Pariksit; maya—by me; vasudeva—of Lord Krsna; katha—narrations; upetam—in connection with; akhyanam—statements; yat—what; aprcchata—you asked from me.
O sages, as you did ask me, now I have described almost everything regarding the narrations about Lord Krsna in connection with the history of the pious Maharaja Pariksit.
Srimad-Bhagavatam is the history of the activities of the Lord. And the activities of the Lord are performed in relation with the devotees of the Lord. Therefore, the history of the devotees is not different from the history of Lord Krsna's activities. A devotee of the Lord regards both the activities of the Lord and those of His pure devotees on an equal level, for they are all transcendental.

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