kim nu balesu surena
kalina dhira-bhiruna
apramattah pramattesu
yo vrko nrsu vartate
kim—what; nu—may be; balesu—among the less intelligent persons; surena—by the powerful; kalina—by the personality of Kali; dhira—self-controlled; bhiruna—by one who is afraid of; apramattah—one who is careful; pramattesu—among the careless; yah—one who; vrkah—tiger; nrsu—among men; vartate—exists.
Maharaja Pariksit considered that less intelligent men might find the personality of Kali to be very powerful, but that those who are self-controlled would have nothing to fear. The King was powerful like a tiger and took care for the foolish, careless persons.
Those who are not devotees of the Lord are careless and unintelligent. Unless one is thoroughly intelligent, one cannot be a devotee of the Lord. Those who are not devotees of the Lord fall prey to the actions of Kali. It will not be possible to bring about a saner condition in society unless we are prepared to accept the modes of action adopted by Maharaja Pariksit, i.e., propagation of the devotional service of the Lord to the common man.

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