na vai nrbhir nara-devam parakhyam
sammatum arhasy avipakva-buddhe
yat-tejasa durvisahena gupta
vindanti bhadrany akutobhayah prajah
na—never; vai—as a matter of fact; nrbhih—by any man; nara-devam—unto a man-god; para-akhyam—who is transcendental; sammatum—place on equal footing; arhasi—by the prowess; avipakva—unripe or immature; buddhe—intelligence; yat—of whom; tejasa—by the prowess; durvisahena—unsurpassable; guptah—protected; vindanti—enjoys; bhadrani—all prosperity; akutah-bhayah—completely defended; prajah—the subjects.
O my boy, your intelligence is immature, and therefore you have no knowledge that the king, who is the best amongst human beings, is as good as the Personality of Godhead. He is never to be placed on an equal footing with common men. The citizens of the state live in prosperity, being protected by his unsurpassable prowess.

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