visrjya tam ca papraccha
vatsa kasmad dhi rodisi
kena va te 'pakrtam
ity uktah sa nyavedayat
visrjyathrowing aside; tamthat; caalso; papracchaasked; vatsamy dear son; kasmatwhat for; hicertainly; rodisicrying; kenaby whom; vaotherwise; tethey; apakrtammisbehaved; itithus; uktahbeing asked; sahthe boy; nyavedayatinformed of everything.
He threw the dead snake aside and asked his son why he was crying, whether anyone had done him harm. On hearing this, the son explained to him what had happened.
The father did not take the dead snake on his neck very seriously. He simply threw it away. Actually there was nothing seriously wrong in Maharaja Pariksit's act, but the foolish son took it very seriously, and being influenced by Kali he cursed the King and thus ended a chapter of happy history.

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