suta uvaca
evam dharme pravadati
sa samrad dvija-sattamah
samahitena manasa
vikhedah paryacasta tam
sutah uvacaSuta Gosvami said; evam—so; dharme—the personality of religion; pravadati—thus having spoken; sah—he; samrat—the Emperor; dvija-sattamah—O best among the brahmanas; samahitena—with proper attention; manasa—by the mind; vikhedah—without any mistake; paryacasta—counterreplied; tam—unto him.
Suta Gosvami said: O best among the brahmanas, the Emperor Pariksit, thus hearing the personality of religion speak, was fully satisfied, and without mistake or regret he gave his reply.
The statement of the bull, the personality of religion, was full of philosophy and knowledge, and the King was satisfied, since he could understand that the suffering bull was not an ordinary one. Unless one is perfectly conversant with the law of the Supreme Lord, one cannot speak such things touching philosophical truths. The Emperor, being also on an equal level of sagacity, replied to the point, without doubts or mistakes.

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